The Preacher's Son

Created by mrspursley on Friday, January 16, 2009

okay... im kinda makin this up on the spot so sorry if its bad!
this is about a teenage christian girl whos never got a taste of lust until a new preacher came to her church along with his attarctive teenage son...
I know im not supposed to look in lust
I know it is a sin
and i know im not supposed to cuss
but damn just look at him
id rather study him then look at the bible
when it comes to listening at church i just aint reliable
im dreamin bout him naked during the opening prayer
the entire time his dad's talkin im admiring his hair
the devil's playin tricks
but i dont really care
lust is hittin me like bricks
feelin like this is pretty rare
ever since he came around
my christianity's beengoin down
but this lust aint gonna end
until ive got him pinned

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