I tryed to write a poem real quick but I'm pretty sure it sounds like crap. I don't think it makes much sense. But it's based off of the song Madeline by Tickle Me Pink but it's from Madeline's point of view. I took some lyrics from the song and put it in there too. I'm not sure if they were in love though, they could have been really good friends. I just made it so they were in love.

Created by DevilishSmiles on Sunday, January 18, 2009

It’s an inevitable thing
Rapidly and lethargic it may pass
But only one matter will it eventually bring
Some people think death an it
Others a he
For me?
It doesn’t matter what it or he may be
As long as what he does is legit
For my time is near
Of that I’m sure
Whether by choice or chance
This pain, I can no longer endure
Every night I cry until I finally fall into slumber
They all know
They know that time has taken its toll
For I have no place, in heart and in form, to go
I remember him
We would shelter behind the trees
We would smoke cigarettes until our throats would bleed
Would I have not given up if maybe he had said ‘please’?
I wrote a song for him once
It was a breakthrough, my light
Though he was elsewhere when I had called
I guessed he had taken flight
This was the final straw
He had never loved me, like I had loved him so dear
I was not to him what he was to me
Even if he sounded so sincere
My path was clear
The time was here
So now I must say goodbye
The river is my destination, though it will pass me by
Even if my body may appear lifeless
As it floats gently by
Never before
Have I felt more alive
I will not take what isn’t mine
It is now time for me to resign
Maybe somewhere else,
I may at last be able to shine
Maybe somewhere else,
I can at last be Madeline

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