Am I stupid for falling in love with you?


Created by AgataJoy982 on Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't know how to start this poem..
But first.......
Am I stupid?
Am I wrong to fall in love with you?
Am I stupid for giving you another chance?
I think I am..
But deep inside of me I know I am not..
But right now......
I feel so stupid..
I want to cry..
And I am..
Why the hell am I thinking this?
Why am I thinking that I am stupid?
Why am I thinking you have another girl in your heart?
Then I see...
That you have mixed feelings......
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
I guess I know now.....
I think there is another girl in your heart..
Another one...
Not me only...
But another girl...
Is this true?
If it is...
I can't stand this...
You can get me right?
I just.....
I just think I am so stupid for falling in love with you..
I just think there is another girl in your heart besides me...
I just think I am stupid for giving you another chance..
I mean..
My mom said not to give a guy another chance because once they hurt you they as might as well hurt you again...
That is what she said..
Is it happening again?
Are you going to hurt me once again?
Are you?
If you are just tell me.....
If you aren't then What the hell is wrong?
I'm your girlfriend...
If anything is wrong.....
Tell me..
Our friend says its "guy talk"...
And now our friend says you love me..
Only me...
I think no..
There is someone in your heart other than me..
But since someone is persuding me...
I think I'm not stupid for falling in love with you..
I will be there and I want to be there for you..
We love each other and that is what matters.
And that is all...
But please...
Don't make me think that I'm stupid for falling in love with you anymore..

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