Dad (In Memoriam)


Created by rebeccahayley on Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This was written by my mum when she was 22. Her dad died from lung cancer when she was 15. A few weeks ago I was in our attic and found this book of poems that she had written when she was younger. This is one of my favourites.
Why do people have to die?
Why is life full of lies?
Why does this world live in pain?
Why is life such a strain?
I wake each day and wonder why
I find it hard to break down and cry
My mind keeps wandering to the past
Why couldn't those days last?
The way you held me on your knee
And made me see what you wanted to see
You taught me what was right and wrong
Why can't I be just as strong?
Perhaps one day I'll be happy too
Maybe soon when I'm with you
But dad please tell me what it's like
Not having to struggle, not having to fight.
Is it worth the sorrow living in this world?
Where loneliness is my chosen word,
Maybe one day I'll find a love that's true
A love that was felt between me and you.
But when its time to meet you in heaven,
I hope like you my sins are forgiven.

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