Someone You Can't Have

3/2/07 The crush again... *sigh* Why I liked him so I don't know. He wasn't even nice to me. He wa cute though. Maybe that was it.

Created by BlueEyedAngel2 on Friday, January 23, 2009

To love someone,
You can never hold,
Is like a knife twisting in your chest,
Everytime you see him.
To dream a dream,
That'll never come true,
Is like going to heaven at night,
And wakeing up to hell!
To want someone,
You'll never have,
Is tourcher to your heart,
As well as your mind.
To reach for someone,
Just out of reach,
Is like haing your heart,
Ripped out of your chest,
And torn to piesces.
To wish,
A wish that'll never come true,
Is to hang your heart out to die.
To love someone you can't have,
To dream a dream that won't come true,
To want someone you'll never have,
To reach for someone just out of reach,
To wish a wish that won't come true,
It's all enough to kill you if you let it.

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