Created by PeaceAnLuv on Monday, January 26, 2009

Very intense, cr8zy, always having fun

Only when we rub our victory in the losers face is our game done

Leveled, is the net with its hands high in the air

Like we should have won! Grow up girls life isn’t fair

Everyone is in this together; all in all, we are a team

You try your hardest, don’t give up and I am almost positive the coach won’t scream

Balls are flying in the air every which way

Alright everyone huddle up, we have a game to win today

Listen to me when I tell you that you need to suck it up because this isn’t the time or place

Let’s win this game on our court, it’s our school, lets spike it in their face

! This is a warning to all of the people who don’t deserve to be called a team

! We are here because we love this sport, because it’s our passion, because it’s our dream

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