Dear Sister, Happy Birthday

Hey, sis, Happy Birthday! I bet you were wondering what I got ya for your birthday besides the Gilmore Girls DVD. This is just something I wrote . . . er . . . typed for you! Oh and to you quizilla people who are also reading my gift to my big sister that is turning 19, enjoy? Yeah, you can show this to your sisters too that are turning 19 if you like it. Well, Happy Birthday Sis!

Created by PandaLightMagusKimora on Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today is your birthday and I want you to know that I said “Happy Birthday, dear sister, you’re turning 19!” But I also wanted you to know a few things that I have to say, . . .

Some things that are alive deserve to die,

And some things that are dead deserve to live,

While some things that are alive deserve a second chance,

From these three things, I believe you deserve a second chance

But then I wonder . . . you have smiled everyday no matter what

You have said I Love You everyday even if it was just to one person

You were always the one that I would write about if the prompt was about a role model, who I look up to, who has had a huge impact in my life, or who has inspired me

You were always so cheerful everyday

You were the one who also made me smile everyday-

After thinking about these things and so much more, I then noticed and realized that you have done so much!

You have given each life and soul a special blessing with your kindness by telling them a special thing or helping them smile.

Now it is your turn to know my words to you:

You were there to help me whenever I was in trouble,

You were the one who understood me the most in our family,

You deserve every good compliment given to you,

You deserve the good education that will come in college,

You deserve a bright future with you and Lilly,

You deserve the light to shine on you every morning,

You deserve to smile everyday,

You deserve the good friends that you have made,

You deserve the laughter of joy in each day,

You deserve the good luck brought to you,

You deserve the blessings of Buddha from the heavens to you,

But the one thing I think the most that you do not deserve,

Is having to waste your time by crying about the sad things that came to you, when you could be laughing and smiling with your love ones, and all these things I have typed is true . . .

Now this is the end to my letter of course, but there are three things you also should know,

Everyone that has surrounded you loves you very much,

I'm always here by your side no matter what,

The last thing is I love you and you could never be replaced.

Now be happy because it is your birthday and celebrate it with joy.

But I also want you to promise me something I have failed to do,

Smile and laugh every single day, and every time you cry, smile when you’re done, because you know there is always a way to smile all those sadness away!

Last words are:

Dear sister,

Happy Birthday


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