hey handsome,

this is for my boyfriend. i wasnt gona put this on here, but my best friend said it ws good so i decided why not? haha so message, rate and comment please, thanx :) xoxo

Created by blondier on Friday, January 30, 2009

hey handsome,
could you do me some favors...
show me the stars
so late at night.
kiss me sosweetly
with an ending lip bite.
lay with me in the park
carve our initials in the tree.
hold my hand tightly
and just run with me.
stop everything your doing
when it rains and give me a kiss.
i remembered when you first tried,
i got so nervous , i turned and made u miss.
hold me in public
to declare me yours
your kiss makes my head spin
i become so mixed up i run into doors.
hold me so tightly
and never let me go.
just forget everyone else
and let your love show.
lots of love,

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