To Rachel,I'm Sorry I Failed You


Created by XxChaoticXShadowxX on Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rachel,I'm sorry.
You thought I could be good.
I knew I couldn't.
You counted on me to be a good friend.
I tried to.
But here at the end,I've failed you.
And I knew it would come.
So why do I feel like this should've never happened?
I'm depressed.
You know it,too.
You see right through my act and just pretend it's alright.
You're so kind.
You've tried to cheer me up.
I'm so selfish,for what might happen tonight.
You're in love,but you doubt it.
You push through everything,and still manage to save a smile for everyone.
I've got thoughts in my head,that shouldn't be there.
If they go through,please don't weep.
Just remember,
I'm always here for you.
You're the kindest anyone could be.
Don't listen to what anyone says.
Your dad's a real d*ck for not noticing how creative and great you are.
The world can live on without me.
Xavier will always love you,even if he gets a new girlfriend one day.His heart beats for you.
And the last thing you need to remember,
Is that I'm sorry I failed you.

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