My Mistake


Created by darkmoon9158 on Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Mistake
The night falls again.
And I stare up at the stars.
And the thoughts begin.
Wonder why my dreams seem so far.

The tears run down my face.
I make no move to stop them.
Because it's dark and no one can see this disgrace.
Of what I am.

Of the shattered soul.
That hides behind the mask.
Just to keep control.
Of the life that is an uncontrollable task.

No one seems to believe in me.
I try to prove myself.
But I always fall short of the person I could be.
This empty void seems to be filling itself.

With nothing but loneliness.

And the thought of forgetting.
Always seems to bring back to the darkness.
Of the person I once was.

I can't escape my past.
I can't forget my mistakes.
That I know for sure.
But what if the biggest mistake I made was you.

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