my secret crush

this is just something that popped into my mind. a poem about a sad girl who has a secret crush and tells no one. this is what kills her because her crush is also inlove and she is to late to express her feelings.

Created by GothicRose180 on Monday, February 09, 2009

my secret crush
he'll never know
i'll never tell
he'll never see
what goes on inside of me
i need to know, does he love me?
my short brown hair, his deep blue eyes
his beautiful face still in my mind
his boyish look
my gothic clothes
we're not the same
he'll never know...
my heart aches, it starts to break
he'll never know, he'll never care
when he talks to me, it's hard to breathe
he says he'll never fall in love
it breaks my heart, i ask him why
he shrugs and walkes away
though it pains me i need his love everyday
i've gotta get a grip
he doesn't know he stabs my heart with the force of a thousand knifes
now, he holds her hand and kisses her lips of cherry red
it kills me! she's so beautiful!i pull my black lips over my teeth fighting a tear
he'll never know, he'll never care... he'll never see, that he love ME...

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