Copy Cat.

hey guys! this poem is about someone i know that does everything i do. and please can i have some feedback? that would be the bomb :D Much love, Bethany c:

Created by xxXbeffersXxx on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You’re not a Barbie;

You’re completely ugly

On the inside.

On the out,

You’re gorgeous.

People have to

Do a double take when they

Look at you.

Or else, they

Might get themselves


Like me.

You’re a candy too sweet on the label,

But too bitter to taste.

You excel at everything.

Try your hardest.

Always works.

But you never come out on top.

I looked up to you.

It seems its

The opposite now.

You’re a kindergartener

Playing copy cat.

No corners with you,

Just a circle.

Going back to

The same thing.

A record stuck on one track

I guess I will

Always be the one

Standing on the podium.

And not you.

You can’t accept that,

And I don’t understand why.

Maybe you have to

Realize it first.

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