u hurt me...

if u have ever been hurt by the one person that u hold near-and-dear 2 your heart......welcome 2 my life

Created by emochik247 on Saturday, February 14, 2009

why did u hurt me so bad
i put all this effort into loving you
and this is how you repay me???
i loved you
cared for you when no else did
and.....this is wat i get?
im so alone now
i didnt wanna pbelieve wat people said to me
they said you would hurt me like this
i didnt wanna believe them
but....i guess that they were right
i believed in you...
cared for you...
loved you...
unlike everyone else that i had ever known
u were the one thing in my life that i thought i had actually done right on
u stabbed me in the back
and yet.....
i cant seem to get you off my mind
i still love you
but...the question is....
do u love me???

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