20 things I like about you.

This is true. About me, what I think.

Created by Luvdogs on Thursday, February 19, 2009

20. You smile at me at random moments.
19. When I look at you your looking at me, and you get red and look away.
18. You defend me.
17. Your funny.
16. Were the bestest of friends any boy and girl can get.
15. You know me more than I know you.
14. Anything I say you remember.
13. Everyone gets along with you.
12. That smile of yours when we meet eyes..randomly..AGAIN!
11. You set with me, and I ask why, and your excuse is always its boring up there. When you were in the middle of a convo with your bud.
10. I like the way that I seem the only girl you relate to, and understand.
09. I love the way I can tell when you lie.
08. I love the way you laugh at my stupid, funny, and sometimes random jokes.
07. I am grateful that you are a boy that listens to me.
06. I like the way we are just friends, that way, when it does work out, we can know every little bit about each other.
05. Since kindergarten we have been friends, thats some good friends that get along that long.
04. I love the feeling I get that when I look at you I feel you like me, and we should be together.
03. I like the way I can never decide what your thinking about, a constant thought in my head is what are you thinking?
02. I love that face of yours when I look at you, you give me these crazy eyes, and then laugh.
01. I love the way me and you get along so well, we can make jokes on each other, and just be laughing about it, not crying over it.
00. I love the way I think that, I would die if you died.

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