The Seven Stages of Life

this was an English project, so, sorry if it sucks.

Created by CrystalMoon713 on Thursday, February 19, 2009

the birth of a new life is amazing,
a miracle is what some may say

and gazing upon the sweet innocent face
is a gift from God every single day.
next comes the young school girl
har face radiant with joy,
today is her first day of high school
perhaps she'll meet a cute boy.
soon the young woman gets married
and she begins to raise a child,
and together with young son and husband,
life will never again be mild.
suddenly, all around her the battle rages,
the sound of cannons boom loud,
but, although she may be frightened,
for her country, she will stand proud.
as a woman she reaches her mid-life
she finds a new strength within,
and although lines begin to mark he face,
she finds she's more comfotable in her skin.
unfortunantly, as time passes by
everything must continue to grow,
but they say that with age comes wisdom
from all that a woman comes to know.
the final stage of life, isn't really life at all
it is merely your mind sinking into oblivion,
and as you pass on to a new and better place,
forever forgiven is your every sin.

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