I love you my master ((Slave poem story coming soon!))


Created by AnimeAngelAngela on Saturday, February 25, 2006

Poem in results.....
I will obey you my master
Everything you say I will obey and make it faster
My master you are so gentle to me,your slave
But you are also so bold and brave
You smile at me but I look away
And I do whatever you say
I blush whenever I see your face
My heart so fragile and poor starts to race
I love you my master
Please get over with it and make it faster
Tell me you don't love me back
Tell it to me like a fact
So that I again may lock my heart up in chains and tears
And that all my hopes you loving me back turn to fears
May my soul rest in the dark
Because of my frozen but shattered heart
May my tears fall with blood and bits of my shattered soul
I hate myself for not reaching my goal
Of not letting you love me back
Tell me what I lack
And I'll do anything to make myself what you think perfect
And if I am perfect to you, keep me near your heart like a jarred insect
But if you call me your one true love
I must have been blessed by the heavens above
Thank you so much...

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