Child Kidnapping

As you know I have got the story on child abuse but this one is on child kidnapping. You know what my poems on these matters are like so please read.

Created by twilightnightstar on Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm in my room
Shedding my tears
I'm only three
But I live my life in fear
I'm scared he will find me
I can't run away
Last time I tried
My parents were found dead
I can't run from this room
There are no windows, just a door
It's locked from the outside
And chained forever more
It looks dark outside
I'm stuck here forever
I have nowhere to go
Soon my life won't matter
He walks into the room
I yell out in fear
No one hears my voice
No one sees my tears
I'm found dead later on
In the forest by a tree
The missing child posters
Were no help for me
My name is Anna
I'm only three
My life has just ended
By a kidnapper, who is he?
This poem was told to me by a now ten year old about how she was kidnapped with her sister. Her sister died but she was able to run away. In memory of that girl's sister I wrote this poem.I have met and known people who have been kidnapped. Some of them are alive, while others are dead. Many times when you walk into any type of store you will see missing child notices. People think it's not a big deal but it is. Hundreds of kids are killed every year because they try to escape, or their parents can't pay the ransom. I have had a friend who was kidnapped, and then killed. Her death was silent and it was never reported. But when the police found her body they told the parents, and the parents told me. If you want to help copy this poem with the instructions and everything, post it on your myspace, email, quizilla, or anywhere you could think of so you can raise awareness of this problem. Incourage people to do the same. Its time we stepped up and stopped child kidnapping, before its to late. We didn't hear there voices before becaused we were unaware. But now we can. They are calling out to us its time for us to say we hear you.

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