Through Thick and Thin

there's always hard times in life, in love, but it's not the problems that define your relationship, define who you are, it's the way you go about fixing them.

Created by cupcakesnkisses on Monday, March 09, 2009

I wear your heart around my neck
because of what it means.
I hold your love in my soul,
even though it wasn't what it seemed.

I won't leave your side.
I won't dare to stray.
I won't leave you alone,
But I will stay.

I'll hold your hand tight,
I won't listen to what I hear.
I'll stay with you and work it out,
Our history we'll wipe clear.

We'll start anew.
We'll try again.
Through thick and thin,
Our love we'll maintain.

I love you too much
To let this end what we are.
It won't break us apart,
Only just leave a healing scar.

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