The Golden Rule

Just a poem....inspired by this guy who came to our school and taught us that people are more than they appear to be. I dont cut, but i used to know people who did. This is kinda for them, telling them that they can be much more than what people at school or home or anywhere tell them they are. I hope you like it. Message and rate, please.

Created by stinson1010200 on Monday, March 09, 2009

You won't care what she listens to
when, one day, she tries to save you.
You won't care the clothes he has on
when he tries to revive your son.
You won't care how big she is
when she's with your wife; delivering your kids.
You won't care who his friends are
when he pulls your body from a crumpled car.
And, believe me, they won't care about your music, your clothes, your weight, or who your friends are...
When they add another cut to their collection of scars.
They know it's not good,
they know its not right...
But because of you,
they don't sleep at night.
And this can all go away,
it can all be gone,
as long as you say
how you have done them wrong.
And another thing you should keep close to you...
Is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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