Loving someone far away(one of my love poems, for some reason you guys like them)


Created by ShelbyK on Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ok well for some reason you guys like my love poems!!! I dont really know why!!! But I wrote another one to see how much you guys really like my love poems!!! So rate and message me telling me what you think!!! PLEASE!!! Ok well u gotta click for my poem!!! hee hee!!! I'm sure you alreasy knew that!!!
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It hurts to love someone
Who's so far away
And to be so young
And have no way to get there
He wants to move on
I can tell
He barely even talks to me
Oh I feel so sad
I told myself
That I wouldn't get attached
Too late now
I think I really love him
But thats just too bad
I dont think he loves me the same
If he were to come
To come near by
I wonder if I should go
Would it hurt me even more
I dont know what to do
I'm so confused
I need to get over him
Or maybe keep hoping
Oh god I dont know
Why is love so blind
Thank you for my Angel
But why does he have to leave so soon
Getting through this
Is really hard
And the one person who's helping
Is the one I need to get over
Sadly this is true
Loving someone far away
Isn't so easy

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