The Game

This is my first peom on here (e_e) er.. critizism (sp?) is ok I guess... fyi is a horrible speller xP & I dunno if thats how I want the poem to end.. but oh well [I edited some mistakes]

Created by RunningFromItAll on Thursday, March 19, 2009

When you ever get bored
with nothing to do,
'cause finding a life
is to hard for you
You'll go out and play
your personal game
picking on people,
you think are lame
The rules to this game
are easy to follow
just look for the kid
whos life seems hollow;
Who has a past
you'll never know;
and is filled with emotions
they try not to show
That is the kid
whos easly broken,
the one whos troubles
have yet to be spoken
Just a little effort
is all it takes;
to watch your victum
as he brakes...

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