Goodbye my classmates

Its a little something I thought of when thinking of saying goodbye to my classmates, I once posted this on my profile on Friendster, I just wanted to share it to all of you, peace ! PS. Don't think of getting this to other sites without my permission, this is really special and I don't really want this to be owned by anyone else but me.

Created by Raziboy on Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey, its almost graduation day, and always remember that for you I'll pray, if you got something to say than better say it now cause, i dont think that we'll get another day, wanna do something you've always thought of doing with me? Lets go sit down and talk about that shall we ? You don't really have to go if it causes too much pain, us two friends will always make it through the rain . not a valley, not a mountain will keep me away from you, not even the ocean will part me from you, we will always have each other in our hearts, thats right, we'll be thinkin' bout' each other tonight. and if you go i will cry really much but always remember that my heart you touched, remember that i always have loved you from the start, and know that in my heart i wont let you depart, theres always a place there that is for you, all i want to know is that you love me too ......

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