Again I tried :( Hope you like it.

Created by AprilRyan on Saturday, March 21, 2009

Never Give Up
If you Still wanna try,
Never wipe ur tears
If u still wanna cry,
Never settle for the answer
Ifyou still wanna know,
Never say u dont luv him
If u cant let him go,
Never say never ,
If you believe in forever,
Never let your fears show,
If you still want to grow,
Never give up,
If someones making you cry,
Cause if they make you cry,
Surely they deserve to die,
Never give up if you're dying inside,
Never walk away ,
Cause the pain won't subside,
Never give in,
To that dispicable sin,
Never let go,
Of the people you know,
Never give in ,
To the all of your kin,
Because maybe just maybe they don't know, you so well, and they can't break the spell,
So never say never ,
Even if you don't believe in forever,
Cause there's someone out there,
That's giving up now,
So break there hard shell ,
And give them a yell,
Saying Never give up!
If youyou Still wanna try!
Never wipe ur tears if u still wanna cry!
Never settlefor the answer !
If u still wanna know !
And , never say u dont luv him if u cant let him go!


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