Created by Angierox247 on Monday, March 23, 2009

One year you got it for Chrismas
yet I never saw you wear it.
The night I spilled my guts to you
Was the closest to you I have ever been
And I don't want that to change.
Certain thingsI told you
Made both of us cry.
The next night you went to work
And I cried harder than I ever have.
Being a snoop
I looked through your jewerly box.
The music made me cry a little bit harder
But when it stopped
the first thing I saw was a bracelet.
A bracelet with so many different stones and colors and shapes.
I love this bracelet and will never let anything happen to it.
This bracelet that you said i could have,
Is my mommy away from mommy.
Now everytime I look at it
My first thought is "I love you"
Than i think about the way you smile and make me smile.
You will never leave my heart, my side, and my wrist.

I love you mommy!!!

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