A Song Of Greatness-talkback

A talkback of a poem called "A Song of Greatness", a native american poem translated by Mary Austin.

Created by SkyeRayven on Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A Song of Greatness

(Chippewa song translated by Mary Austin)

When I hear the old men
Telling of heroes,
Telling of great deeds
Of ancient days,
When I hear them telling,
Then I think within me
I too am one of these.

When I hear the people
Praising great ones,
Then I know that I too
Shall be esteemed,
I too when my time comes
Shall do mightily.

My Version:

A Song Of Greatness

When I hear of my family

Telling of sadness

Telling of sorrow

Of recent days

When I hear them crying

Then I think within me

I too, am mournful.

When I hear my friend,

Praising me,

Then I know that I too,

shall be sturdy and stronger.

I too, when it is over,

shall do great.

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