Love Yourself

The meaning of this poem is that, you cannot truly love anyone or anything, for that matter, if you don't love yourself first. You must learn to love the way that the universe made you, and make the necessary changes to survive, but you don't have to follow everyone else. You have to be unique, and be yourself, and you have to truly love the way you are to love anything else. (:

Created by indininja on Monday, March 30, 2009

Before you up and decide your no good
Make believe that you were the train who said "I could!"
Look deep into your core
Where the feelings and emotions and love are stored
And listen- but only for a second
and look for the part that was never beckoned
and then you'll know that you cannot love
if you don't put yourself up above
the insults and lies, the rumors and spies,
and be the one who tries and tries
and end up on top
where you cannot stop
nor can you help the feelings of care
and the feeling that you're aware
that you cannot love until you learn to love yourself, and love the world
and you may think it's hard
but you're yet unmarred by terror and horror
remember that you could be much much poorer
but now's the time, to take a look inside
and know that you cannot love anyone else
unless you love yourself.
And if one day you have dismay because your loved one was not found
be not afraid, for to you they'll travel abound
and from abroad they come
to cure the numb
of which you once felt.
When you love yourself
life is much better
love can be your wool-knit sweater
but you'll always know
that you're the best
out of everyone, who ever made you depressed.

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