Always Being Judged

Created by harleyXcandy on Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What can you do?
When everyone stares
Should you look their way?
Should you even care?
You walk the halls
Hearing whispers here and there
You try to shut them out
But you can't avoid the glares
You dress your style
Others do not approve
They make fun of you
Their attitudes should improve
Your looks are different
Your look on life is abnormal
The whipers increase
What really is normal?
The poetry is dark
Others worry of suicide
Do they really know you?
Do they know the reasons why?
Pressure to fit in
Causes all kinds of anxiety
Heart in a constant frenzy
Cursing this harsh society
I am sick of people
Judging the outer me
I am an unique person
When I choose to be
Instead of making assumptions
And holding false grudges
Get to actually know mw
I hate always being judged

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