You (turn me on)

Created by wonderingwater on Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Your turn me on, like a light switch!
The tast of your lips energize me!
The feeling of your tuch turns my body into an ocen,
The smell that beholds on your skin is fresh,
Like the air I breath when im with you.
The way your body intertwines when your aginst mine, its like were ment to be.
Your hair is as smoothas a rivers flow,
cold but smooth to the tuch,
Your eyes are quite diffrent then I have ever seen before,
They glow in the night just like a wolfs,
That beautiful blue,
It takes me away to a magical place,
The slimniss of your body shows off your lower torso curves,
Your as perfect as can be,
So why did you chose me?
Your too good to be,
Is it I, with you, who is ment to be?
Or is this just some fanicy that will never be?
I open my eyes and see,
That this is realy to be.

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