OK so I know I said I wasn't gonna write for awhile, But I just can't stop and I need to write now more than every. So I was a b*tch yesterday ! Just a lot of... complications going on.. Anyway I'm gonna try to start over. It's a new day!! Message me. Hope you like this one. =]

Created by AprilRyan on Thursday, April 02, 2009

Reaching for the stars is but one way to live.
But is there truly any other way?
Otherwise , you're just stuck on the ground,
Shh don't make a sound..
Dreaming of what it feels like
To just get off your feet.
Just take a chance,
Take that one leap!
Boldly jumping into the dark
Where monsters and perils
Are sure to lurk,
Seem less scary once you just leap.
Close your eyes and begin anew
With a brand new day there is
A brand new night,
With the everchanging black sky
There are ever-heightened stars
That are your only light,
For which you may seek.
Reach out your hands,
As high as you possibly can,
For the world can sink deeper still
And your reach will seem farther
The darkness more deep.
Never fret, never stop dreaming,
Never forget that life's meaning
Is only what you make of it,
So reach for those stars, every little one,
And one day your fingertips and the stars
Will finally meet.

And someday you'll see,
The meaning of the stars,
As you look up and see,
Them all smiling down on you,
And now you know it's so totally true,
Each and every single one of them love you!

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