100 Years Ago...

this was the day of boredom i had nothing to do...

Created by death2riser3 on Tuesday, April 07, 2009

As the moon shines his dark eerie light,

As the wolf howls his sorrowful cry into the night,

There is an irreversible curse being done upon the land,

Felt on every rock, rippled through the sand,

A curse of blood, death, and life all in one,

Burnt away with the hot, deathly sun,

They pitifully shovel dirt over me all night long,

Singing that hatred angel’s song,

Long does he talk of God’s scorn,

But I will be reborn,

Suffocating under the warm welcoming soil,

What’s left of my blood brought to boil,

How carelessly they threw me in!

How quickly they declared me sin!

Though my body is not I am still the same,

But now this is MY little game,

Every angel, demon, monster bowed,

They destroyed every field the farmers plowed,

And now I walk alone at night,

Striking fear and dread within shadowy sight,

Long have I lived without a heart,

Long have I existed without a part,

100 years ago this day,

A vampire was born that night in May…

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