"Time is Fleeting"

I have recently become a new member to Quizilla. Since doing so, I've read a number of poems from some of you, and I have noticed that many of the poems are about death, suicide, lost love and life issues that you may be going through, this poem is for anyone who may be going through shit. this poem is for you... p.s. I know it might look long. but it is a fast read... .......please enjoy it. seriously_dave ...and please, if you think this poem is good, my others are even better...

Created by SeriouslyDave on Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Time is fleeting" by: David W. Smith

"Time is fleeting"
by: David W. Smith

"My son, my son, listen to me"

"Time is fleeting" is what dad would say,

My life is just beginning-
I live it day by day...


...one year, two years, five go by,
my parents feed me when I cry.
all my needs are taken care of,
Dad and Mom do all the work.

I just dont understand that now,
I just can't comprehend it,

all I want to do-
is go outside to play.
my friends are all out there-
and it's another beautiful day.

when I fall and hurt my knee,
my mother's there for me.
my whole life is still ahead,
life is so "carefree".

Mother says
I have to go to school,
she says I'll learn the "golden rule"
I'm really not sure what that means,
but It must be good for me.

I go to school,
at first its fun-
to learn my abc's.

my teacher's nice,
I've made new friends-
and I like it when she reads.

six years, seven, ten, eleven,
why does time go slow?
why can't I just skip ahead,
and be like my dad Joel.


"Time is fleeting" is what dad would say.
I wonder what that means.
all I'm thinking about right now,
is my new pair of jeans.


high school now, holy cow,
the pressure is much too much.
chores to do, homework too?
why do they expect so much.

Dad and Mom, always on my case
maybe I should just leave this place.
go out to be on my own,
In a big wide world where I can roam.

Just can't wait to get my license,
then I know I'd be free.
If I could just drive a car
If I could just be me!


why is time so slow?
and why can't I just go?
"Time is fleeting" so they say
Please... make it go faster is what I pray.


eighteen, twenty, twenty one.
I find myself always on the run
mom and dad making my life crazy
making me feel like I'm just lazy.

I've got to get out on my own
maybe college? I'd need a loan.
...no... that would get me into debt,
then my past I might regret...

...I've got to get out on my own
but how? I have no cash.

where do I go, what can I do?...

...I could steal it from dad's stash...

...no, I've got to get a job,
my parents taught me better.
thats what I'll do, I'll do it now
I'll live life to the letter


"time is fleeting?" it's what they say,
well, I'm finally on my own.
I've got my job and lots of friends,
Its time to buy a home.


twenty five, six, seven, eight
life for me is simply great.
all the world is standing still for me.

I've met my love, I'm Married now
a child is comming soon.
we have to fix the bedroom up
we have to make more room.

Oh my God, you'd never believe,
what just happened to us,
Our baby was born,
not one...but four.
now we have quadruplets.


fifteen years have gone by-
since my last poem verse.
though I am ashamed to say,
My life's been getting worse

the children are all growing up,
my marriage is getting rocky.
I've lost my job, we are losing our house
My boys are way to cocky.


"Time is fleeting" so they say
I contemplate that thought
I wonder what our future holds
from the past that I have wrought.


We've lost everything, I've lost it all,
though my wife is standing firm.
she remindes me of our wedding Vows
"from this valley we must learn".

I love you still she says to me
even though you've lost your work,
I'll stay with you, I always will.
even if sometimes you are a jerk.

Forty four, forty five, fifty, fifty one.
we are finally back on our feet,
for a while there-
life was very rough
we were almost in the street.

The boys are finally growing up
there lives seem to be going great.
I'm happy now cause they all have jobs
and next week they graduate.

fifty six, fifty seven, fifty nine, sixty,
In a few more years we can retire.
the boys have long since moved out of the house,
every once in a while they wire...


...many more years have gone by,
It's been more then twenty.

our twelve grand children are all growing up,

and with a smile I must say, in a positive way,
that I think that that is plenty.


"Time is fleeting" I must say,
just where has my life gone?
yesterday it was my birthday,
I just turned eighty one...

...Up until now I never really thought
of those words my dad would say
my childhood home that my father owned
has reciently become empty


I think that when I die
and I'm long long past away.
those words will be my epitaph,
to be place upon my grave.
to remind my great great grand children,
of the words my dad had laid.

"Time is fleeting"

"Time is fleeting"

...is what those words will say.


many of you are young, its way to early
to be thinking of death, cutting yourselves, etc...
no matter what your going through,
there is a future.
live life, and love life now
because your future will be here before you know it
then all you'll have left is the past.
we all go through shit.
but time is fleeting.

"from your new Quizilla pal" ... seriouslydave!

© David W. Smith 2009


My creations are to be published in book form one day in the near future.
So I am asking that any of my readers please respect my copyrights,
If you would like to use any of my poems for any purpose
whatsoever, I ask that you please contact me via E-mail.
and please explain for what purpose.
My (© David W. Smith 2009 info and E-mail address)
must stay with any and all of my poems. thank you.

If there are any publishers who love my works, I am Interested
in publishing. please contact me via E-mail, thank you.

David W. Smith

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