Beautiful Girl

Maddie actually inspired this one but it's for several girls I know who dont believe they are pretty enough or good enough. It always seems like we are our own worst critics. We cant see the real beauty inside us. Sometimes it takes an outside force to make us realize we really are beautiful

Created by nobody08 on Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beautiful girl look up to the sky

Wipe your tears and do not cry

Stop asking yourself why

And kiss all your sorrows good bye.

Pretty girl who’s wearing a frown

Who’s always afraid of letting people down

Being made fun of by people in town

Under people’s insults you almost drown

Wonderful girl do not shout

Find another way to let your anger out

Release your fears and all your doubt

And discover what the world is really about

Dazzling girl try to smile

Realize the world isn’t so vile.

Life may seem like a pretty big trial

But I promise I’ll be here to make it all worthwhile

Amazing girl if only you could see

You don’t need to look like those girls on T.V.

I’m on my knees and I’m giving you my plea

Be that beautiful girl I know you can be

© 2009 Michael Dean Dumeir

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