I Will Never Forgive

yes i am aware that i am sitting here with my head at an unmoving angle and that i am writing rant poetry like a phycotic freko that will kill you all someday..... but you see, i am the phycotic freko that will kill you all someday. :D . , i love that quote :D

Created by piedragon on Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Everyone expects it

Everyone expects

That someday

You will forget what they did

Or you will forgive them

But you see

That is different with me

I will never forgive you

For what you did to me

That was inexcusable

That was unexplainable

You don’t know what it does to me

To see you smile and laugh

Completely unaware

Of me

Standing away

Suffering in silence

But I can’t stay silent forever

For I can’t forgive you

No matter how many years go by

It has already been six

You have forgotten

But I will never forget

The pain

And hurt


I will never forgive you

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