Dont cry for me because Im gone… Smile because I was once here


Created by cutechica03 on Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Heart Beat
…A soft start stop rhythm….
…forever beginning…
…forever ending….
…till one day my tears are still….
…and silence fills the quiet air…

Don’t cry because I’m gone
Remember the times that we’ve had
Remember all the laughs we shared
Not the times where we’ve felt bad

It’s better now that I’m gone
If you really think about it
Our lives can now go on
And the pain it caused we can now admit

I really don’t believe
My life was meant to be long
I think it was finally my time to go
And maybe I knew it all along

But the moment that I knew
That my heart could just stop beating
That the beginning and the end
Would finally be meeting

I’m scared of how I’d die
How much or little pain will occur
Just a quick and easy death
Is something I would much more prefer

Or maybe I deserve to suffer in death
Because in life I’ve suffered as well
Maybe I’ll get to go to heaven
With just imprint on my heart of hell

I still remember the day
When the stillness of my tears came
The silence that filled the air
Was as quiet as my heart became

I still remembered the poem for my heart beat
As part of it drifted into my dying head
“forever beginning, forever ending”
To bad you only have the end when your dead

…that stop start rhythm…beginning and ending…but now my tears are still…and there’s only silence in this air…

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