Why don't you care

Created by thatshowistayalive on Monday, April 20, 2009

I cry while you laugh at me
im on the ground
hurt and bruised
im miserable, and you think it’s funny
I could die at this moment
But would you really notice?
Dont bother telling me
I already know that you dont care
When I die I know you won’t cry
you probably won’t notice im gone
Your shiny toy that you love to break
Take off my head and throw it away
shrug me off like I’m nothing
And tell your friends I’m dumb
I can’t stand to look at you anymore
You took down my wall, broke my heart, and hurt my ego
Just to bring me down
aand let me go, fall down, lose it all
and have no one there to catch my fall
you took everything I had
but didn’t notice
i bet you wouldn’t cry if I died
At this moment
Because I know you don’t care
You’re just here for the ride
I’m done and tired of not seeing you cry
Or care for that matter
It’s time for me to go and leave you here
But what’s it matter?
You won’t notice
You won’t cry either
What’s wrong with you?

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