Better Off Without You

I wrote this about my "Father".

Created by indigogirl96 on Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why did you leave?
What did I do wrong?
That's what I would ask myself.
I gave you everything when no one cared.
When you felt so unwanted and alone.
I was there to hold you through the night.
You were never there for me.
I made excuses for the way you were.
But you acted as if I were nothing to you.
I had to be the parent.
Where were you when I needed a parent?
Everyone was right.
I never should have trusted you.
You took everything I did for granted.
Then again that's how it usually was with you.
Take,never give.
Now that I'm gone you see for the first time how much I really mattered.
Now everytime I think of you and start to cry.
I remember how things were.
And I'm glad you're gone.
You were the problem all along.
I was just too blind to see that.
So when you call and decide you need me.
All I'm going to tell you is.
"I guess you should have treated me better.
Because now you're alone.
And I'm much better off without you."

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