You Cheated On Me

This is a tribute to a woman I never met. One of my friends missed school yesterday because she and her mom went to the funeral of a woman who overdosed to commit suicide because her husband cheated on her. Darn him. I wish I could say the other 'D' word, but it's against my principles. Pray for her soul.

Created by GrayWolfofRedRoses on Friday, March 03, 2006

You cheated on me,
You must not have cared.
You shattered my hopes,
Now I'm no longer there.
Are you happy?
I cried all those nights,
I felt so alone.
Why did you do it?
Now I can't come back home.
Are you happy?
I thought that you loved me,
I thought that you cared.
You should have divorced me,
Not kill the love that we shared.
You didn't love me.
My tears fell like rain,
When I found out the truth.
You treated my heart like a target,
Just something to shoot.
Did you hit it?
You promised you'd love me,
You promised you'd try,
To care and to hold me,
'Til the day that I died.
I died alone.
What did that other woman have
I did not?
You threw our bond in the trash,
And left it to rot.
Is the smell gone?
I felt so weak and so helpless,
YOU couldn't see,
You were to busy chasing
Some girl that's not me.
Have you caught her?
What did you need?
Why did you lie?
You should have asked me before,
Now you can't, I have died.
Did you cry for me?
You were there when I laid,
In the fresh-dug-up earth.
Not one tear did you shed,
I'M the one who got hurt.
Are you crying now?
Those small little pills,
Hard to believe that they ended.
The life that I had,
The love you broke couldn't be mended.
Are you with the other one?
I gave you my soul,
I put my life in your hands.
Helped you to get up and stand.
You forgot me.
I commited suicide,
To get away from pain and lies.
You caused the pain, you told the lies,
And made the tears fall from my eyes.
Are you sorry?
Now I'm waiting to go on up,
To Heaven, I can't wait.
God still loves me, I am blessed,
Even if your love came to late.
That poor woman...
Well, that was it. Please read and rate. I was so sad, that poor woman. No one deserves that. How can someone just throw away love like that? Love is supposed to be true, trusting, binding. I hope that woman is in Heaven.

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