"If You Love Me"

>_ had to put this up again, its from my old account o.o (that i have erased) =D hehe "sayaenvious" some of you might recognize it if not.. oh well :( its old T__T just to remind you

Created by ImminentFate on Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you love me tell me you do
If you love me don’t break my heart in two
If you love me hold me really tight
If you love me believe me im alright

If you love me never make me cry
If you love me kiss me now and make my heart fly
If you love me hold my hand, and close your eyes
If you love me don’t ever leave me and say goodbye

If you love me hold my hand, stay by my side, and give me your all
If you love me, make sure to be with me even if my world shatters, dies, or falls
If you love me be my angel from above
The angel that can give me endless love

Look into my eyes and promise me
That you would forever only love me
For it is you who hold that special key
The key that can open my heart and set me free

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