Your not alone

Something I thought of

Created by Monyahne on Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My lungs gave out
Screaming I love you
You listened to my shouts
Trying to say it too
But the words never came
Thinking you didn't care
You started to cry
Thinking it wasn't fair
I started to run
You turned to look at me
I thought it was done
You started to scream
I stopped in my tracks
Hearing what you said
I turned my back
You held my cheek in your hand
I stared into your eyes
You said those words
I started to smile
You leaned forward
I see your no longer in denile
There were no words
Your forehead against mine
Its about time
You kiss my lips
I feel your finger tips
You pulled me into your arms
I am not alarmed
You pull me close
And whisper "Your not alone"

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