I'm Not Perfect

well yup

Created by XoXMusicIsLoveXoX on Friday, May 01, 2009

I know i'm not perfect, but neither are you
You can tell lies, and yes i know the truth
These things that I see in you aren't always good
Then again what do you see in me?
I don't want to deal with this now
I've had to much to handle as it is
You've hurt many people, yes it's true
You may always seem happy, outgoing, and smart
But I know the pain that you hold on the inside
I don't want to judge you, but hey you judge me
You called me a "poser"-what does that make you?
You don't understand what I've been through
And I knowI don't know what you've been through
So for now just leave me alone, it's better that way, and ya that's true
Don't be surprised with all this darkness inside
Everyone has it-espically you
So give it up! About all this crap you've said about us, and yes I know you said those things
So I hope this is the end of it all
Until tomarrow let the night fall

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