Scar On My Heart

A poem dedicated to my ex, the first guy I ever truly LOVED, whom I shared my first kiss with, my first boyfriend, my first heartbreak. Love is a wonderful feeling, its true. Until it is over. This is how I felt after our break up, and yes I did find someone else who loves me with all his heart, but the pain from my ex still remains, something I can never forget.

Created by MizzFrosty110 on Friday, May 01, 2009

Never gave love a second thought
Always thought of it as a game
In which people played, people fought
But then you came into my life,
told me that I was wrong, not right.

You showed me how special love could be
and what a great feeling it was, indeed
I felt so great, nothing could go wrong
I was the beat and you were the song
Then you hurt me, you tore me apart
I never thought you would break my heart
I should've known before I gave it my all
You weren't there to catch me fall
You told me you'd always be by my side
When I was lonely, look to my right
But where are you now? I can't see
My question is, did you even love me?

My heart ached, you didn't hear my cries
You didnt wipe away the tears that fell from my eyes
You were my everything, I mean what I say
I gave it my all, just to watch you go away
All I want is to know why?
Did I say something wrong?
Did I cause you any harm?
What was it that wasn't fulfilled?
I dont think the wounds will ever heal
I may find someone who loves me with all his heart
But what you did to me has left a scar...

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