A repetition of memories...

This poem is pretty much about a friendship i had that had ended.

Created by amirrorforthesunn on Saturday, May 02, 2009

A repetition of memories

Straight ahead in the lane

From three years, this fast movin’ fella

The day we met permanently stained.

The sun in your eyes is slowly falling

The words you said were clear

I lost my feeling of motivation

The ending was building near

What used to be, Will never be

So watch it deteriorate now

I’m a scared and lost and shaking scene

To take my final bow

Our friendship is now a puddle of rain

That was once a block of ice

It melted with our lack of words

And our ill-fated love thrice

Our friendship was once a ball of yarn

Tied ever so tight

Now a poor piece of dangling string

Lonely in the piercing night

I know that I am tired

Yet clearly wide awake

And you’re still not around

And from me this vastly takes

This pain will lend deep silence

And a strong burning in my heart

I’ll forgive you and run far away

But I can’t stand to be apart

This pain will bring back memories

And plaint a cloud of blue

Feel free to call and visit me

‘Cause I always will miss you.


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