You Are My Destiny


Created by poppyLEI on Sunday, May 03, 2009

You make my blood cool down when ever you speak a word,
I'll make you hott,
bring out what you've got,
take every breath you heard.
I have electricity spreading through me like wild fire,
I'll let it keep burning through me,
until it takes me higher.
I'll be ready, I'm always ready for you to come running.
I've got it heavy, so heavy that you know you'll feel it.
You are everything I need and more,
you have the ability to take me to dangerous heights,
you are my life and world.
Nothing could ever replace you,
no I am never gonna leave you.
You'd be happy loving me.
Fight for me, die for me, live and breathe for me,
because I'll do that for you.
Save me, love me, hold me,
because I'll do that all for you.
Be mine forever, I'll be yours forever, thats a promise
and I will follow through.
Whenever, wherever, we're meant to be together.
I will never let go.
Tear right through the door, take me far away.
Fantasies, of you and me,
forever in one place.
You are the blood pulsing through every heartbeat,
rising from the bottom of the ocean,
trying to pull you all the way to me.
You keep on burning up, baby just keep on coming.
I'll bet you never knew that you're my one in a million.
You help me remember to breathe,
You are too real, something I can't believe.
I wanna be your destiny,
no I am never gonna let go of you.
No, I am never gonna hurt you.
Nothing is ever gonna take you from me.
You and I are my destiny.
Cry for me, laugh for me, dedicate everything to me
because I'm doing the same for you.
Sing for me, dance for me, want me
because I want you, too.
You'll be mine forever, forever and ever,
safe in my arms.
Even for 1,000 miles, rain or shine,
I will always follow through.
I need you, I'll give everything to make it.
I'm holding it in front of you, so take it.
You're everything that I love,
an angelic gift I've always asked for.
everything I need and more.
Nothing is ever gonna break us,
I'm never gonna let anything hurt you.
Can't wait for you kissing me,
you are my destiny.

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