why do u say u love me when u dont?


Created by ClassicalyMe on Saturday, May 09, 2009

u say u love me u say u care i have a question then?why do i hate life?y do i hate living?why do i hate light bright colors like yellow and pink?i was little i loved them everything changed when u made tht Huge mistake i was happy i was glad for u but u dont know how this effects me and my life i know i shouldnt cry not cry for u its worthless i know no one can get though ur cold black heart i cry ever night how cruel r u? u say u love me and my brothers sure james is ok y does chris stay with lissa? why doesMatt never come around? y didthey join the army? maybe to get attion u never give?ur so cold sure u let the steps have what they want sure they can have THEIR DOG THEIR LIFE THEIR PET THT MORE THAN THT! WHEN I ASK U SAY SURE! wHEN IS THT DAY GONNA COME? wHEN R U GONNA GET SCOOBY?CALLIE?VALINTINES? HUH?WHEN U FIND A NEW HOME! THTS WHEN! SCOOBY THAT SWEET LITTLE DOG U TRADE FOR THAT RAT! I CAME FIRST U SAID U LOVED ME IF U DID THEN Y IS IT THT tommorowScoobys going to my gradmas?why is the Rabbits coming to moms?u traded part of my life for a dog and a knew family!!!A DOG THATS NOT SCOOBY! NOT MY RABBITS!when i visted himwesnday guess wat? Scooby kissed me its beenWAT?7 YEARS?u spread us apart is that y u got ridof amber?dd?tinker?whity?paige?maybe even clifford?scoobys heart is broken so is mine he loves me i love him! how come u say i come before them tht u love me?when my trust love is with a dog a dog thts my life?When im 18 and im gone ull wonder y i never call?if u just think about all the cold hearted things uve done ull know i wont come and visit i wont tell u where i live what state im in or what city im in!! i wont ask for advise! because all my life goes to Scooby im his life!now im brokenheart and useless all i do is cry i hope ur happy with ur life!

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