Seriously ladies, haven't you ever thought about what the guy feels like? I realize not all girls are like this but this is for the girls that are. News Flash he really loved you and you broke his heart. Why did he love you at all?

Created by AprilRyan on Saturday, May 09, 2009

He Loved you and You broke his heart.

Wow you really got something going on,
Wow you just left that boy, and now he's gone.
Wow, you really think your some hot stuff?
Don't ya?
Wow, you just walked away and never even looked back.
Wow, you just broke his heart,
It really doesn't seem like you care,
Do you care? How can you not?
You just killed this boy !
You stole his heart and tore him apart!
But honestly. Do you really care?
Wow you do realize you aren't that cool?
Seriously, you thinking that makes you such a fool it's not even funny.
But do you really care, honey ?
Wow you think that your out of sight?
Thinking that your dynomite?
If so,
Girl do I have a news flash for you.
You think breaking some poor guys heart is pretty fun?
You must think it makes you cool.
But does anyone think your really "Cool"?
No one does,
nope not one.
You think that being some freaking cheerleader makes you better than us?
You think that you're better than me,
because I KNOW what I can be?
You think your soo cool,
but you're just a tool.
Shut-up. Just shut-up.
You broke his heart.
He thought he loved you,
and you tore him apart.
How could you do that?
How can't you see?
He really loved you deeply ?
I will never forgive what you've done to my friend.
You hurt him so much,
You just that type,
No suprise in that much.
How can you still think you're so hot.
Let me tell you right now, that's all you've got.
You little...
I am a girl too,
But I'm not like you.
I will NEVER be the person you are.
I will forever be his shining star.
Now you want him back,
But why can't you see?
You had you're chance !
And now he's with me,
No matter what I promised to never break his heart.
No matter what may happen.
No matter what I may say,
I will always love him the same way.
Just know this right now,
You girls make me sick!
And you will never find true love,
And if you still can't see why that may be ,
I'll tell you that if you just keep breaking hearts,
You'll have no heart of your own.
And I don't think you'll ever understand what I'm saying until you're full grown.

He Loved you And you Broke his Heart.

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