Hang in there, hang in there


Created by loveforthemoon on Saturday, May 09, 2009

I look to those september skies,
today is just like any other day,
filled with its secrets and its lies,
but a voice in my mind says,
hang in there, hang in there.

i feel the weight on my shoulders,
and its getting harder to bare.
im tired of having to act older,
and that voice is the only one that cares,
saying hang in there, hang in there.

weakened by the past,
and dealing with heart breaks.
all of those relationships that didnt last,
and that voice holds a promise that aches,
it says hang in there, hang in there.

i take these battles head on,
trying with all of my might.
im tired of losing everyone,
except that voice, for me, continues to fight,
saying hang in there, hang in there.

finally making it past the dark,
and basking in the warmth of the sun,
those days are like black marks,
that are now long gone,
thanks to that voice saying hang in there, hang in there.

a will that i didnt know i possessed,
a fortitude that i didnt know i owned.
but now i know what of me is my best,
and its that voice that never left me alone,
always saying hang in there, hang in there....

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