When Someone Dies

In dedication to the most wonderful person that ever walked this earth. You have tought me so much, and even though I miss you dearly; every minute of the day, I accept your absence. I know why you're not here anymore. And I just hope that one day, when my time comes, our paths will cross again. .. Ich liebe Dich. R.I.P - Bill Kaiser 23/4/92 - 29/4/09

Created by xxxDROWNINGLESSONxxx on Sunday, May 10, 2009

When a human dies, are we supposed to sit around and mourn their departure? Are we supposed to cast ourselves away and hide from everything? Pherhaps we should just be eaten alive by our own thoughts. Thinking that there's no reason to stay here because the one you love is somewhere else. We could. We truly could do that. But if we do, then we have failed that person, and more importantly, ourselves. I believe that if a person is taken from this world, we shouldn't hate our life because that person is no longer in it. Instead, we should love it, because, at one point, that person WAS here. They were here to share our memories; Our love. And that is how we all should carry on- By being thankful that that person was once a part of our lives.

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