The Suicide Letters

Now, I would never EVER commit suicide, but this poems been in my head for a while now, so I decided to write it. Ciao! :] DeZZy [:

Created by M0SSTAL0N on Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Suicide Letters

I'm in my room,

Writing on college-ruled paper,

Wishing I had something

Left to live for.

The first letter:

It's to my best friend.

We always thought we could see

Into each other's minds.

And I weep,

For not even she

Could see this coming.

The second letter

Is to my other best friend

And I smile through

The pain and tears,

Because that's what she always

Helped me do.

The third letter

Is to my best guy friend.

He was always there for me,

Even if I wasn't always

All there in my mind.

The fourth letter:

It's to my family.

I don't know how

This will turn out,

But I'm afraid

To stay around.

The final letter

Is to my other friends,

The ones that made me laugh,

Even if I didn't want to.

So I fold them all up

And stuff them in a letter.

I pick up the butcher knife

That was sitting next to me,

Looking on with interest,

Not knowing it was going to end my life.

I raised the knife

And brushed it against my pale wrist,

Watching with pain

As the blood welled at the wound,

And the tears at my eyes.

The phone rang.

So I put the knife down

And picked up the phone,

My whole hand shaking.


I asked in a scared voice,

Afraid that someone would start yelling at me

For doing something stupid.

"Hi, hon.

Are you okay?"

I breathed in deeply,

Glad that someone had stopped me.

I picked up the knife again

And I sliced the letters to pieces.

I smiled into the phone,

As I wrapped my wrist with a cloth.

"I'm as good as ever."

And I knew that I was loved.

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