Can We Be Friends Again? Please.

This is for my ex-best friend and my all time fav friend Emily who has the same problem as me. We can make it! I hope.. -BTW! All this states is how I feel and want..-

Created by Ryokucha on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I said I was sorry

Sorry for my sins

I will repent

And see where it went

But looks like, it went no where

Since I’m still at the same line

But things are still not fine

Your were my best friend

All those memories we spend

It all went to an end

I was kidding

But you weren’t

Emotion rushed through

Everywhere inside you

I tried to apologize

But you refused


So your letting a little thing get to you

Geez! Stop making me feel like poo

Because I do


Now you go around telling little lies

I guess that’s your way of a goodbye

We don’t have to be friends

But all I ask is for your forgiveness

So that were both filled with happiness


Part 2

I hand a note stating “I’m so sorry, forgive me

But yet you say it’s BS

It’s been already 2 years

And you’re getting bitchier

You tell random people a bunch of lies

WTF, you think it’ll work?

Pfft, in hell it might

But not here.

You better watch your mouth

For all we know that might be your last word

Oh and when you say that I’m scared of you

I’m only scared because of your nasty face.

So. Forgive. Me.

But your starting a rough patch.

Headingtowards nowhere.

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