I Love You/Te Amo (An English/Spanish Love Poem)

Well, I have made myself a challenge. I consider "I Love You" the strongest three words in the world. And what's better than learning how to say them in all the languages? So what I am going to do, is that I am going to make poems with titles such as the ones above. Give me a language and I'll try to make a poem about it. And also, I need many ideas for themes. Most of the ones I can think of are depressing and I don't have that many ideas so if you want, give me themes and I will do my best. Rate please!

Created by cantlivewithoutanime on Sunday, May 31, 2009

You have no idea how
I love you right now
You're one of a kind
That never leaves my mind
Your name flows in my head
And it makes me turn red
Your face is like dream
And I wish I knew how it feels
Your my only one
Hands down, you shine better than the sun
But I'll never be yours
Cause he's way better of course
I hope you're happy
But if you ever need me
All you have to do is call me
But I wish you knew

How much I love you
Usted no tiene idea decomo
Te quiero ahora
Youre uno de los tipos
Que nunca sale de mi mente
Su nombre corrientes en mi cabeza
Y me hace girar rojo
Su rostro es como un sueno
Ydeseo que sabia como se siente
Su mi solo una
Las manos hacia abajo, que mejor que brille el sol
Malos, pero nunca sertuyo
Causa hes mejor forma de curso
Espero youre feliz
Pero si alguna vez me necesitan
Todo lo que tienes que hacar es llamarame
Pero yo sabia que usted desea
Cuanto Te quiero

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